My Electric Vehicle’s Vision:   is to leave a sustainable world for future generations.

MEV’s Mission:  In partnership with dealers worldwide MEV aim to reduce fuel emission and transform the way global resources are used for future generations.

Founded in 2006 MEV have established themselves as a leading manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles. 

In 2010 General Motors closed the HUMMER automotive plant when they were on the brink of releasing the HX model.  This pivotal event in history means MEV now have a family of GM approved HUMMER vehicles which gives us the confidence in the quality of our product and the piece of mind that you will not be disappointed.  

Here at MEV we pride ourselves on giving you the flexibility to create a bespoke vehicle that will suit your business/personal needs.  Our products are second to none and with the introduction of the MEV ZIP range in 2015 and the excellent customer service your experience at MEV is guaranteed to be first class.