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Revolutionize Your Camping Experience with MEV's City Car

Camping is a quintessentially British tradition, offering the freedom to explore the breathtaking landscapes and heritage sites that make our country so unique. Yet, with the size and bulk of a motorhome, this freedom can sometimes feel somewhat limited. Thankfully, with the introduction of the MEV City Car, such limitations are a thing of the past.

Unveiling the MEV City Car

Our MEV City Car, compact and nimble, has been engineered to enhance your motorhome adventures. This lightweight, 100% electric vehicle is the perfect companion to your motorhome, easy to tow and ready to zip you around once you've settled your motorhome at the campsite.

Unlocking a World of Exploration

With the MEV City Car in your camping arsenal, you’ll be able to unlock new horizons and experiences. No more worrying about the logistics of navigating a larger vehicle through narrow country lanes or busy town centres. With its compact design and agile handling, the City Car takes you anywhere you want to go with ease and comfort, from hidden countryside gems to vibrant city attractions.

Choosing Sustainability

Opting for the MEV City Car isn’t just about convenience and freedom; it’s a conscious choice for sustainability. As an all-electric vehicle, the City Car significantly reduces your carbon emissions. This means your camping trips become greener and more eco-friendly, aligning your love for the outdoors with a commitment to preserving it.

Join the revolution and redefine your camping experience. Discover the MEV City Car at


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