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Are you ready for the future? Become a My Electric Vehicle Dealer

As MEV expands into the worldwide market, we are actively seeing new dealers with good business acumen to become MEV dealers.  The Electric Vehicle market will grow exponentially in the near future as worldwide resources of fuel diminish and the cost of fuel rises.  Owning a MEV dealership can prove to be a platform for maximum exposure and maximum profits.

Why should you become a MEV Dealer? 

  • The best price for our niche, high quality products offer you maximum profit margins

  • Dedicated customer service and technical assistance

  • Strong links with other dealers in the MEV network

  • Generous parts and warranty packages on vehicles

  • Be among some of the first to become a parts of the advance in sustainable vehicles

MEV will offer you strong support for sales, training, marketing, promotion, warranty and parts. Our team at MEV HQ will work with dealers to maintain a strong relationship through excellent communication and customer service. Our touch point after sales programme ensure we are always there for you.


If you are interested in becoming part of the MEV family of dealers please complete the new dealer application form below.

MEV™ Dealership Application Form