Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my vehicle at home and at charge stations?

Yes home domestic supply or charge stations via Type 1 or Type 2 International standard charge cable.

Will my vehicle charge in different countries?

MEV vehicles fitted as standard with multi-region onboard charger.

Can I drive on the roads around the Golf Club or resort?

MEV vehicles are limited to nineteen miles per hour for use in gated communities and resorts, follow the use of golf carts in your given region.

Who do I contact for after-sales service?

Your local dealer or contact MEV Support Team at

How long do the batteries last?

Lithium 5000 charges and standard 750 charges. Ensure to follow the user manual for usage, we recommend to drive and discharge regularly to keep the charge optimised for longevity.

Can I order in left and drive or right-hand drive?

Yes we offer left and right-hand drive on HUMMER and City models.

Do I need insurance for my vehicle when delivered?

Yes we highly recommend to insure directly through contents or a local specialist of leisure vehicles such as Golf Carts.

How far will me vehicle travel on one charge?

Standard battery up to 60 miles (100km) option lithium battery up to 100 miles (160km) based on a combined terrain, inclines will vary the range.

Should I leave the vehicle on a charge if away on Holiday or away from where stored?

Although the charger has an auto-off function we recommend to fully charge and leave unplugged or if for extended periods have someone charge periodically.

How long is the warranty cover?

Two years from the date of delivery (see owner manual for warranty policy).

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes we drop-ship globally to our distributors and customers and offer a comprehensive to arrival port or to door service on request.

What is the hill climb capacity?

Standard 20% with reduced speed, option higher ration gearbox to achieve 30%


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