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Campus-Wide Accessibility with MEV's Electric Vehicles

My Electric Vehicle (MEV) understands the importance of accessibility and mobility on campuses such as schools, hospitals, and council facilities. Our electric vehicles, like the Cargo Pick-Up, provide a versatile and efficient transportation solution to address the unique challenges of these environments.

Compact Design: Easy Navigation

MEV's electric vehicles feature compact designs, making them ideal for navigating narrow paths and tight spaces commonly found in schools, hospitals, and council facilities.

Versatile Functionality: Adaptable Solutions

Our electric vehicles can be used for various purposes, from transporting equipment and supplies to moving students, staff, or patients across campus.

Eco-Friendly: Sustainable Mobility

In addition to their practical advantages, MEV's electric vehicles are eco-friendly, producing zero tailpipe emissions and promoting sustainable mobility on campuses.

Invest in versatile and accessible transportation solutions for your school, hospital, or council facility with My Electric Vehicle. To learn more about the advantages of our electric vehicles and how they can enhance campus-wide accessibility, visit and explore the Cargo Pick-Up and other offerings. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your unique needs and requirements.


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