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Custom EV Solutions for Every Need: MEV's Tailored Approach for Schools, Hospitals & Councils

My Electric Vehicle (MEV) understands that schools, hospitals, and councils have unique demands. Our electric vehicles, including the Cargo Pick-Up, are engineered for adaptability to align with your institution's specific operations.

Bespoke Designs for Varied Use Cases

MEV crafts vehicles for diverse needs, from equipment haulage to personnel transport. We engage deeply to curate the perfect EV solution for you.

Inclusive Design: Catering to All

We prioritize accessibility by incorporating features like ramps and handrails, ensuring transport is safe and inclusive.

Amplify Your Brand's Presence

Opt for vehicles bearing your institution's branding, bolstering recognition and cohesion in your community.

Experience the distinction of MEV's customised electric vehicle offerings. For a closer look at how we can modify our EVs to fit your institution, visit Engage with us today to define your transportation vision.


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