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Elevate Your Motorhome Travels with the MEV City Car

Owning a motorhome is all about the joy of exploration and the freedom of the open road. The MEV City Car, with its compact design and zero-emission operation, is poised to elevate your motorhome travels, offering a seamless blend of convenience, sustainability, and flexibility.

Presenting the MEV City Car

The MEV City Car is a compact, electric vehicle, designed with motorhome travellers in mind. It's easy to tow behind your motorhome, and once you've set up camp, it serves as your nimble, efficient vehicle for local excursions.

Committing to Green Travel

The City Car is more than just a convenient means of travel; it's a commitment to sustainable, green travel. As a 100% electric vehicle, it helps reduce your carbon footprint, making your travels kinder to the environment.

Exploration Without Boundaries

With the MEV City Car at your disposal, your exploration is no longer limited by the size and manoeuvrability of your motorhome. Whether it's a trip to the local market or a drive through a scenic country lane, the City Car takes you there with ease.

Prioritising Comfort and Efficiency

Despite its compact size, the MEV City Car doesn't compromise on comfort or efficiency. Its clever design ensures ample space for passengers and luggage, while its electric motor provides a smooth, silent ride.

Elevate your motorhome travels with the MEV City Car. Visit to discover more.


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