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Experience Freedom: The MEV City Car for Motorhome Owners

The allure of owning a motorhome lies in the freedom it offers - the freedom to explore, to journey, and to discover. But what if you could expand that freedom even further? That's precisely what the MEV City Car offers.

The MEV City Car: Enhancing Your Freedom

The MEV City Car, a compact, lightweight electric vehicle, has been meticulously designed to complement your motorhome. It's easy to tow, and once you've settled into your campsite, it becomes your ticket to independent exploration, without the burden of manoeuvring a larger vehicle.

Embrace Hassle-Free Exploration

Whether you need to dash into town for supplies, want to check out local attractions, or feel like exploring those winding country lanes, our City Car is the ideal vehicle for the job. Its compact size, coupled with nimble handling, makes it a breeze to navigate both city streets and rural roads, ensuring a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Commitment to Sustainability

The MEV City Car doesn't just deliver on convenience; it also underscores your commitment to environmental sustainability. As a 100% electric vehicle, it substantially reduces your carbon emissions, making your motorhome travels greener and more eco-conscious.

Experience a new level of freedom with the MEV City Car. Visit to learn more.


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