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Ease of Transport: The MEV City Car Advantage for Campers

Owning a motorhome is a testament to the love of freedom and adventure. The MEV City Car, with its compact, towable design and electric operation, adds an additional layer of convenience, offering a significant advantage to campers.

Introducing the MEV City Car

The MEV City Car is a revolutionary electric vehicle tailored to enhance the motorhome experience. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to tow behind your motorhome, providing efficient transport for local trips once you've parked your motorhome.

Sustainability on Wheels

As a fully electric vehicle, the City Car offers a greener alternative for your travel needs. By choosing the City Car, you're making a commitment to sustainable travel, contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

Unleashing New Possibilities

The MEV City Car brings unparalleled ease of transport for motorhome campers. Its nimble handling makes navigating through congested towns or narrow country lanes a breeze, freeing you from the limitations of your motorhome.

Compact Comfort and Efficiency

The City Car may be small, but it doesn't compromise on comfort or efficiency. Its spacious interiors and the smooth, silent drive offered by its electric motor ensure your local trips are as pleasurable as possible.

Experience the MEV City Car advantage for campers. Visit to learn more.


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