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Taking the Scenic Route: MEV City Car - Your Perfect Motorhome Companion

Travelling in a motorhome is a delightful way to soak up the countryside's scenic beauty, and the MEV City Car is here to enhance your experience. This compact, electric vehicle is designed to streamline your motorhome adventures, making them more convenient, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Introducing the MEV City Car

The MEV City Car is a nifty, 100% electric vehicle tailored to meet the unique needs of motorhome travellers. Its design allows for easy towing behind your motorhome, providing a perfect solution for local travel once your motorhome is parked at a campsite.

Embracing Sustainability

As an all-electric vehicle, the MEV City Car offers an environmentally friendly alternative for your local travel needs. By choosing our City Car, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, harmonising your love for nature with actions that protect it.

Unraveling New Adventures

The MEV City Car's compact design and nimble handling make it perfect for navigating through narrow country lanes or crowded town centres. No longer are you limited by the constraints of your motorhome; with the City Car, you can explore freely, uncovering local treasures at your leisure.

Comfort and Efficiency Redefined

The City Car may be small in size, but it delivers big on comfort and efficiency. Its spacious interiors and smooth, silent ride, courtesy of the electric motor, ensure that your local travel is as pleasant as possible.

Explore the scenic route with the MEV City Car, your perfect motorhome companion. Visit to learn more.


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