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Eco-Friendly Performance: MEV's Exceptional EVs for Institutions

My Electric Vehicle (MEV)'s electric vehicles, like the Cargo Pick-Up, offer a sustainable and efficient transportation solution for schools, hospitals, and councils, fostering better campus connectivity and enhancing daily operations.

Short-Distance Transportation: Efficient and Sustainable

MEV's electric vehicles are well-suited for short-distance transportation needs within a campus, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

Versatility: Multi-Purpose Use

Electric vehicles like the Cargo Pick-Up are versatile and can be adapted for various purposes, including carrying passengers, transporting goods, or providing on-campus services.

Lower Operating Costs: Financial Advantages

By adopting electric vehicles for campus transportation, institutions can benefit from lower operating costs due to reduced fuel expenses and lower maintenance requirements.

Invest in sustainable and efficient campus transportation solutions with My Electric Vehicle. To learn more about how our electric vehicles can enhance connectivity and daily operations at your school, hospital, or council facility, visit and explore the Cargo Pick-Up and other offerings. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your unique requirements.


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