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Reducing Campus Carbon Footprint with EVs: A Win-Win

The safety of students, patients, and staff is a top priority for schools, hospitals, and councils. My Electric Vehicle (MEV)'s electric vehicles, like the Cargo Pick-Up, offer features that contribute to a safer campus environment.

Reduced Noise Pollution: A Quieter Campus

Electric vehicles are significantly quieter than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, resulting in reduced noise pollution on campus. This reduction in noise can create a more pleasant environment for students, patients, and staff, and help prevent noise-related stress or distractions.

Lower Speeds: Increased Safety

MEV's electric vehicles have a lower top speed than traditional vehicles, making them well-suited for navigating busy campuses. This reduced speed can help prevent accidents and improve overall campus safety.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions: Healthier Air Quality

With zero tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles contribute to healthier air quality on campus. This improvement can be particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues or sensitivities.

To learn more about how My Electric Vehicle's electric vehicle solutions can contribute to enhanced safety standards at your school, hospital, or council facility, visit and explore the Cargo Pick-Up and other offerings. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your institution's unique needs.


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